Next Level Product Development


I'll spend 8 hours helping you and your team brainstorm new product ideas. You'll receive documentation on all methods and strategies covered during our time together. Invigorate your team's inner innovative spirit.

Pitch & Presentation


I'll work with you one-on-one to create 3 levels of conversational pitch detail. You will give me a presentation of your existing pitch and I'll give you a constructive critique. You will also get pointers on your speaking style and feedback on your slides.

Profit from Perspective


It's time to stop missing the opportunities right in front of you. You'll learn to analyze problems from multiple angles while adapting to the mindsets of different people.

Form Explosive Ideas


Avoid creative block by learning a technique that makes idea generation a repeatable process. After you finish this course you'll be building upon your ideas in hours instead of weeks or months.

Let's Connect

Reach out by calling (312)339-4972, using the form below, or launching the live chat.