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Star Pupil / Project Scope

This client needed to build their brand from the ground up. I worked with them to create a brand that would resonate with their customer base while creating intrigue. They were badly in need of a website redesign that was better structured with SEO in mind while leading to longer user sessions on their website and blog.


The client was looking to launch a children's publishing company. The name I created for them, "Star Pupil", was geared at referencing students that excel. It was important to keep young readers at the center of the brand's identity.

The logo created for the brand conveys the double meaning of great students and using one's eyes to read. The green of the iris denotes the importance of growth and creativity. The font used in the word mark and brand materials is "Courier New". This font juxtaposes writing's past (typewriters and movable type) with a modern edginess.

A press kit was also created for the client to help them connect with bloggers and other industry publications and journalists.

When I started working with them, they had a primitive website. Now they have an up-to-date version of Wordpress with a theme that has been customized based on their needs. Google Analytics has also been integrated into their website to give them additional customer insight. All of their content was rewritten to optimize readability and SEO.

I also created their social media marketing strategy and currently run all of their accounts. Their focus is connecting readers and parents to their books, educational quotes, activity pages and articles that focus on creativity and educational development. I have also completed several initial ads runs on Facebook to increase brand awareness and boost book sales. Currently this phase of social media and social advertising is ongoing.

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